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Thread: Wonderful join.

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    Default Wonderful join.

    Hello! Who are you?
    Greetings members, staff, especially ADISC.
    My name is Alex,
    My presence on this site is too long and wandering as guest, look for and discover from reading the experience of many people here about life as Adult Babies.
    I've been so long with depression that was so heavy, I was abandoned by my friends and live alone in my house with my father and my mother. But despite that, I'm sure in ADISC I'll find some people who can support me and also I'm sure people here are very nice.

    What brings you here?
    Of course I'm here because I love to wearing diapers as well, and I also had a desire to become a small child or kids. Feels as young age make myself more better. My little side is a wonderful mind that I do in my life, for my self and my future.

    Diapers do not rule out lives! What are you other interests?
    My other interest is writing, I like to spend my whole time in writing, yet science as well such physics, chemistry, and biology because I'm now in Biotechnical major.
    I really agree with the statement above "Diapers do not ruled out lives", as in my neighborhood I'm considered as a weird child, even my cousin called me as spoiled toddler in my house, I'm not spoiled but I just want to become child, hopefully they will understand.

    What are you looking for out this site? What would you love to do here?
    The main reason that I'm here is to ensure that not only me have a life like this and there are so many people out there who like me as AB, and also I looking for someone who might be able for me can believe it (not means that I do not trust this site, but the point I'm looking for experience). Because in my neighborhood, ABDL lifestyle is still very rare.
    In addiction, I also want to share my experience and ask here about something that I want to know, as I say in the title, this is a wonderful things for me can join this site.

    That's all my point.
    If you find any wrong word in my writing or you little cannot understand, please understandable. I'm not too fluent in English.

    I will appreciate all comments and you can ask more about me if you want.
    Thank you!


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    Hello Alexis and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.

    I will be looking forward to seeing your input in the forums.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Hi Alexis and welcome. I think you did a great job expressing yourself in English. I'm sorry you're suffering from depression, and even sorrier your friends abandoned you. When things are tough is when you need some friends. I hope you enjoy this site. We are a support site, first and foremost, so we will be here for you.

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    Thank you for all your care, people.
    In my life that I lived, I believe about quotes: "Nobody is never too busy. If they care, they will make time."
    And that people was every people here, I believe that.

    Thank you

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    Hello Alexis. Welcome to ADISC. Sorry for the late welcome. I've been reading your posts lately and just wanted to say that I find them delightful. I love your positive perspective.

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    late welcome from me pretty new too lol but i am enjoying your posts also..hugs xxxxx

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    No matter for late reply, the important is care and I will appreciate it peoples.
    Thank you for you still welcomed me!

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