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Thread: Would you like to be littled like this as I saw an old lady was today

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    Default Would you like to be littled like this as I saw an old lady was today

    In a big city park, I saw an elderly (over 85 woman) strapped into a tricycle seat pedaling while a younger big woman pushed and steered her like it was a baby carriage.

    I felt the older woman was being AB'd without wanting to be and it was humiliating for her also a little S&M as the woman kept pushing her without relating to her and the older woman had no choice but to pedal when she may not have wanted to.

    As an AB it could be fun a way to be babied thoug with the right person under our terms. But not so for her and other elderly people like her.

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    Perhaps the old gal has dementia, and was experiencing a fleeting moment of lucidity where she actually understands that she is 85, and not a little girl? Just trying to give the benefit of the doubt here.

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    Would you as an AB if you are one like to be pushed on a trike like that? I was thinking about how far I'd like to go as an AB but with it needing to be my choice done in a loving way with a kindly interactive caretaker. That wasn't happening to the elderly woman.

    It was much like seeing a child in a harness and lead by a leash.. Some parents have the leash loose and the kid can go all over and explore while not feeling they will get lost also with more freedom than if they had to hold their parent's hand. The parent and kid walk about with the kid going any which way stopping to explore with the parent stopping, too, or moving to look at something with the parent going in that direction.

    Other parents hold the leash tight and keep the kid on the narrow pushing and pulling at him/her almost tripping him/her up.

    That's what that caretaker seemed to be doing to that elderly lady pushing her along with the elderly lady needing to pedal to the caretaker's pace. But another could have let the elderly person pedal at her own pace just holding the handle so she kept on the sidewalk. She could have walked a little to the front just holding the steering handle with one hand and talked to the lady.
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    It's quite pricey. The two seater is about the same price. At one time I thought about getting a two seater for my wife and I, but she had to have her right leg amputated and that sort of ruined that dream. I could still pedal us around though, and it might be fun on our bike trail. I'm sure it's heavy and I'd probably have trouble getting it hauled to the bike trail.

    As for being pushed in one, it can be demoralizing.

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    It also is about at a deeper level how much of our AB play is fun and play and how much can be humiliating like with the elderly lady, where we want to go with it. A tricycle without a push handle would be a Fun AB toy Yes, this with the push handle is most likely demoralizing unless the age play partners are very creative to have it be fun. Also at first I thought when I saw this that with a different caretaker the trike could serve as a baby pram.
    But a pram is different, the AB just sits in the carriage seat and is pushed around not having to do anything.
    But with this trike, the AB, whether by choice or chance like the elderly lady, has to pedal when pushed. The elderly lady had no choice but to pedal also at the pace of the caretaker's push and peddle in the direction the caretaker pushed.I think her feet were strapped to the pedals, I know she was strapped into the seat. If she didn't pedal her feet would have been hurt.

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    It could be that her Doctor's said she needed to get Exercise but can't walk very well, so they are using this Trike to help exercise her legs. Just a thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyRyan View Post
    It could be that her Doctor's said she needed to get Exercise but can't walk very well, so they are using this Trike to help exercise her legs. Just a thought
    I totally agree with that and she is going out to parks . Again it was the way it was done with the caretaker treating her like a baby/little in a not great way--pushing her at the caretakers pace just looking straight ahead not relating to her in any kind of loving caring way. It could have been a resentful daughter or a paid caretaker.
    I guess no I know I have issues as a gray hair who is talked down to, infantilized by so many people with most of it being not great.
    I thought being into being an AB that if I put myself in an AB head in those situations it might be easier to take, creating fantasy scenarios in them. Like I need to go to senior things in a new neighborhood until my fall mixed age groups start up again to not be isolated so I consider them in the senior center across the street with really simple activities Day Care. I go diapered and pretend I am four years old.

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