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    Okay, so I'm in search of adult swim diapers. I'm familiar with the baby ones, but the largest Pampers Splashers are just getting to be too small. If anyone could recommend a good adult sized swim diaper, I'd would greatly appreciate it!

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    I guess this is a two part answer prefaced with "It depends upon what your looking for". If your looking for the little style disposable with prints which I gather you are from your previous experience with splashers, simple answer to that is... You won't find them. A good substitute is a pull up style cloth backed brief like swim mates from northshore. If your looking for function only (I.e fecal containment ((which really is the only purpose of a swim diapers)) then your probably looking at a plastic pant option. I don't remember the exact the company but they marketed a re-usable diaper specifically for swimming. (And they were ugly looking) If your somewhat of the handy type, I bet some silk screening or model dye might get the look your trying to achieve. There is also a guy on eBay that makes custom diapers from commercially available baby ones. Alas, I never ordered from him so I don't recall his name but maybe another member does and you might try reaching out to him.

    Good luck in your adventure.

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    Honestly, I'm looking for function. I only knew about the baby ones, which is why I've used them until now. Thank you for your help! I'll definitely check out those Northshores you mentioned.

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    Several companies make the reusable swim diapers in adult, they seal in feces pretty well .

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    Am I the only one who when reading the title thought of Adult Swim?

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    Stan Jr as "American Baby-baby"

    With Stan fighting terrorism and Francine looking for Roger, Stan junior doesn't get any potty training until Haley becomes a dominatrixs and enforces the rule of bed wetting well securely tied up.

    Will Stan Junior remain spanked and swaddled or just fed by baby bottle , tune in tommorow ...

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