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Thread: advice on making my own onesie

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    Default advice on making my own onesie

    Hi guys has anyone use there old snap crotch onesie as a template pattern for sewing a new one. Any info would be good

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    I've made a few from scratch, without a pattern or template.
    I suppose the main issues are to do with the fabric in how and which way it stretches; this also affects the banding/edging.
    Given the stretching issue, you'll also need to choose your stitch to suit.
    Other than that, it's fairly straightforward and only a little more complex than a T-shirt.

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    Well a cheap and easy one is to get a regular t-shirt. Be4 i forget measure from ur shoulders to ur crotch with a diaper on. For me it was 2 sizes bigger then get a set of snaps (walmart carries a set with the baby style snaps and reg snaps with the tools to install for arroumd $5, if my memory serves me right) lay the shirt on ground and put snaps in the center, i used 3. On the down side they are plain and not babish

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    Measure from shoulders to crotch with diaper on if i hadnt told u alrdy

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