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    i just purchased some molicares off an auction site, and the packaging looks old, so I'm assuming the diapers themselves are an older style.
    anyone know?

    here is a link to the pic


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    Probably are... the packages I see in stores here (Australia) look much different, not to mention better than that. Last I checked too, there isn't too much of a difference between Aus and NZ product range, regional/local products aside.

    So yeah... they are probably an older style unless they are an overseas variety.

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    I don't believe that Molicare has changed their design in the past several years. I don't think there is any advantage to getting "vintage" Molis, unlike Attends.

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    I have them now, the actual diapers are exactly the same, just old packaging. they are small size so i only just squeeze into them lol

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