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Thread: What AB things and what Big Person Things Will You Do Today

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    Default What AB things and what Big Person Things Will You Do Today

    I am going on a subway as an AB--love train rides-- to Target to return something and buy some groceries as a Big Person and have a restaurant treat as an AB.

    Then as a Big Person/AB I am going to a self help support group and a walk in the park.

    I will be diapered the whole time but for expense keep the diaper dry.

    Then as a Big Person/AB (wearing diapers) I am going to read another memoir book as that is my deep dive reading interest right now and do my financial records.

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    I woke up in a pull-up that was dry. Had a cup of coffee, my vitamins, and some dry cereal, Cheerios, from a little's bowl for breakfast. Did my big business and cleaned myself. Then I diapered myself complete with plastic pants, and a onesie. Pulled on sweats and a long sleeve shirt to protect me from the sun and took the dog for a walk.

    Now I am going to remove my shirt and pants, put on coveralls and rubber boots and go do yard work. I need to use the weed-eater, cut the lawn, do some weeding, and water the plants.

    After this I will have to get ready for work again, shave, shower, make supper, and go to bed.

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    Well, now this can be what things did you do as an Big Person and AB also encouraging me and others to stay Balanced.

    My biggest AB activity was to wear a diaper which I chose to keep dry and while taking a long subway ride think of a story of me as ten year old Scout being sent to the mall by my parents with a list of things I could or couldn't do. My parents are creative classers who wear pull ups themselves and always let me wear them except they have a calendar with days all of us need to stay dry as to diaper costs. My story has Scout with a report book her parents give her each morning with a talking to with her activities of the day as a little achiever and that she and they fill out each night. She plays with other children of parents who have let them wear pull ups all their lives as they do. She sleeps in diapers which she always can wet.

    This was better than thinking about what Medicare plan I can get next year, if one of my relatives is heading for divorce and so on and so forth.
    So I went to the mall where I only bought adult things on my list from Target--I didn't buy any toys--had a bagel treat, went to a self help group meeting where I talked with a new person. took a long walk in a park, and got ice cream. I talked to a guy on the trolley and a woman at a bus stop about adult things.

    Now I am home and will finish one of my memoir books I will return to the library tomorrow morning. I willl eat from my plastic dish with little sillver spoon I really did have as a baby, drink from a bottle and keep my diapers dry until bed time when I need to use them.

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    Adult Activity Today - Go to Church
    Adult Baby Activity Today - Very long nap in my bed with my bear, "Howard Hug".

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    Adult Actiivties - Go to work (I only have a 3 day work week, I am on a mini-vacation due to my birthday being next Saturday), make dinner in the morning before I go as well as getting some straightening done.
    Little Activities - Watch Chicken Run on Netflix and ate breakfast from minnie mouse bowl with smurfs spoon and drank milk from my sippie. When I get home later I will probably try to watch a few more cartoons but I don't get home from work until about 10pm so it's hard to stay awake, and of course a bedtime story and my lullaby of stay awake from mary poppins.

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    I stayed in a soggy but not leaking overnight diaper and took care of some finances and things around the house, posted replies here, and ordered my first case of overnight diapers ever.
    I then with an hour to go before the library opens unlocked my toy bag and sucked on my pacifier and colored for an hour.
    I will return the library books and see what Day Care (senior citizen) activities are scheduled for August then go to a self help group meeting.
    Then I will take a short nap and read another book in my deep dive into memoir books. I don't want to lay in bed for more than my nap. If I find myself doing so I will tether myself to the kitchen area.
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    Oh, I played on the original play station, that was so nesslgic, I played "CROC legend of the gobbos" which was a childhood game, have any of you played it before? I went to the doctor and I have to sort out my washing later.

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