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    So... I like 'em thick and wet. This morning I put on 2 Abri Form-x Plus M4s topped with an L4 and then a large Bambino. I perforate the plastic backing on the Abri diapers with a wartenberg wheel and tuck in the Bambino around the waist and legs so it acts as one thick diaper. I have now had to perforate the Bambino and put a Large Confidry 24/7 on top. I'm aiming to get another 3+ hours in this masterpiece but will likely have to resort to my Leakmaster Deluxe heavy duty plastic panties and a onesie to hold it up.

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    Sounds fun. Can you walk/waddle still or do you have to crawl like a baby?

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    How do you fill such a thing lol. If I want to be like that I have to resort so pouring in warm water.

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    That is SO AWESOME bAByTiffany!! I too love thick diapers. I am currently in just a Bambino Bellissimo, Wellness Superio, 2 Huggies Size 6, and a Large Attends w/ Waistband. Hopefully I don't leak before I have to change my diapers before work in a few hours...

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    I thought the 2 abena L4's I put on the other day was insanely thick.(and perfect��)

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    BabyTiffany must have an outrageous diaper budget, I want one like that.

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    Why do you want to be That thick! Seems a waste of diapers to me!

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    Hey, whatever floats your boat. More power to you, kiddo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    Why do you want to be That thick! Seems a waste of diapers to me!
    Yeah it's a waste,but it must be nice to have such a "robust " stock investment of diapers to be able to do that, there are many ABDL'S without basic access because of living situation , or financial situation so if you got it , flaunt it as they say.

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