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Thread: Snaps on Waistband of Plastic Underpants?

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    Default Snaps on Waistband of Plastic Underpants?

    Does anyone else recall growing up and having the top of your pajamas snap on to the waistband of your plastic underpants? When I was 5 and had to start wearing due to some nighttime accidents I remember sitting with my siblings and watching TV on a warm summer night with only my pj top snapped onto my plastic underpants waistband but no pj bottoms though (too warm at night and no AC back then). The whole idea was to keep your pj top from rising up to your chest at night and bunching up- it worked well using the snaps.

    I have browsed a bit on this search word(s) but have seen nothing close to it.

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    Interesting! Sounds like a nice memory, too. Never have seen or heard of such a thing, though. The pajamas and the plastic pants would have (probably) been the same brand, then--probably some big name. Are you sure your mom wasn't an amateur seamstress? Snap appliers are easy enough to use, too. But I suppose I can't be surprised by something like this. I'm always watching eBay for vintage diapers and diaper fasteners, and there are a ton of arcane, short-lived products scattered across the last 100 years of diaper history.

    In any case, if you'd like to relive that memory, just find yourself a cute pajama top, some vinyl pants, and a plastic snap applier--like from KAM Snaps--and go to town. When it comes to sewing, I've got...what would you call the opposite of the Midas touch?...and I've managed to apply snaps to cloth diapers.
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    I remember before I had onesies, mom sewed some cloth tabs on the bottom of my undershirts and pinned them onto my diaper and later used cloth loops that just slipped over the pins after they were closed. I was about 11 at the time. Kept my undershirt in place. Occasionally woke up with a wet spot on my undershirt the next morning. I usually wore goodnites to school so I didn't use pins during the daytime.

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    sounds perhaps something home made designed... or perhaps an obscure patent, do you remember a brand name or if they were hand me downs like from a neighbor or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    sounds perhaps something home made designed... or perhaps an obscure patent, do you remember a brand name or if they were hand me downs like from a neighbor or something?
    No brand name that I recall, just nice not having my undershirt rolling up to my top chest when I was 5 /6 and wearing plastic underpants to bed at night. I recall the flannel pajama top had snaps and so did the bottom pajama at the waist so they would go together and not separate at night (great in the winter!). But when I did not wear the bottom pajama (summer), the top pajama snaps would fasten onto the plastic underpant's waist band. Seemed normal at the time to me because no one in my neighborhood seemed to wear pajama bottoms at night to bed in the summer time (no AC back then - just underwear and top pajama). I do not recall having this option when I was eight though and had to go back to wearing protection for awhile.

    From Cottontail it does sound easy enough to make myself.

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