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Thread: Desperate times call for desperate measures...

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    Default Desperate times call for desperate measures...

    I moved about a month ago and had to get rid of the rest of my diaper/goodnite stash. Last night I slept with a paci for the first time since and today I went and picked up a pack of Always Discreet while I wait for my order of 40 ABU to arrive by next friday and it was extremely welcomed. All the sudden I just couldnt turn off the urge and the want for these things.

    Does this ever happen to anyone else? It's almost like even though it's an adult 'pullup' at least it's something padded in between my legs to ease my urge. What a great feeling after almost a month of no abdl activities.
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    I find that when I get the urge to wear, pretty much any diaper/pull-up that is available will satisfy my urge. Of course, depending on what I want to do, I may prefer one type over another but in a pinch, anything will do.

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