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    So I woke up this morning with the day off from work. My current DOT Physical expires within a month, and I struggled with the idea of going to get it done while diapered. I took a shower and got ready to go and then decided as I was going to walk out the door to diaper up. I decided this because the last time I went and had a physical done, I was to remove all my clothing and put on the disposable shorts they provided.

    It is about an hours drive to where I go to get my physical done at, I only tinkled a little in my diaper by the time I got there. On the way there I even stopped to get a drink to ensure I could pee for the urine test. So I get checked in and called back, first stop was to pee a small amount in the cup for the protein test. So I pulled the front of my diaper down to pee in the cup and then voided the remaining urine into the toilet. No big deal so far about my diaper. We went down the hall for the basic height, weight, eye sight tests. eventually ended up into the exam room for the vitals. The nurses aid was done with their part and I left to wait for the doctor to come in. I had asked if I had to change into those disposable shorts this time and was told no because I was already wearing shorts.(UH OH, I thought).

    Now fear is racing through my mind, I originally planned on removing the diaper before the doctor came in, but that was not happening today. I almost ripped the diaper off as soon as the nurse left the room but I did not have any big boy underwear over the top of my diaper. It only ended up being that fast panic for about 10 minutes or so, then the Doc walked in, and introduced himself. (2 years ago it was a female doc). A tall older gentlemen with grey hair. We talked a little bit and he started the exam. The last part of the exam he checks for a hernia, he sat down on his rolling stool and wheeled over real close and told me to drop my shorts and underwear to my knees. So without making eye contact I proceeded to undo my shorts and drop them. He was just slightly surprised to see me in diaper(Abena xplus M4 older stlye). He was giving me instructions on to just unfasten the one side as I was already pulling the tape off and tucking it back to ensure I could refasten the diaper. He asked if I had a little leakage and I said yes a little and left it at that. He even kinda joked about my diaper towards the end. When he was done check for a hernia and told me to buckle my diaper back up. So I did on the one side and adjusted the fit on the other and pulled my shorts up. As we shook hands and I thanked him for the visit, he said to stay buckled up.(assuming diapered up)

    After all nothing to be extremely scared about, I know so of you will criticize me for pushing my diaper on others, but please keep in mind I had intended to have the diaper removed but that had changed unexpectedly.

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    Pretty cool story. You mentioned tinkling in your diaper, a little on your way in. Are you a little incontinent, or is that a thing for you? Sounds like your physical went pretty well. Happy driving for the next 2 years.

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    I can't tell you how many DOT physicals and 6 month Haz Mats I did diapered, it's not a big deal , the entire Medical field sees alot of diapers, I saw many patients in diapers when I was a Paramedic, it's more common than anyone would think.

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    That's awesome. I figured the doctor would ask you a bunch of questions about why your diapered.

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