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Thread: Sing along with music?

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    Question Sing along with music?

    Do you sing along to what you listen to?

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    That is my favorite lyrics!

    Also, two threads for one topic!

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    I do, sometimes. It depends on the kind of mood I'm in. n.n;

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    absolutely!! and one of the best things about living alone is that i can sing along with it whenever i want. i love driving long distances alone. i crank up my favorite albums and just belt it out as loud as i can bellow. that's how i learned to sing. you develop a lot of vocal strength and control singing as loud as you possibly can in a small confined space where you can hear every noise you make.

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    Hell yea I do, terrible or not man X3

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    Yeah... I'm pretty sure everyone is guilty of it at some point.

    A few years ago, I decided it was a good idea to wake up early and shower before everyone else. I started singing in the shower (to this day, I still wonder why). Low and behold, as I walked out of the bathroom, a line had formed waiting for me to get out.


    Other than that, pretty much in my car only.

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    If a track I'm listening to has vocals, I'll usually whistle out the melody of it.

    If not, then whatever the catchy part of the song is.

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    It all depends on where I am, but generally I love to sing (horribly) and dance (even worse) along with my music. Even if not aloud, I still sing along in my head. :P

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    Yeah, especially in the shower. Sometimes I'll do it to my sister to bug her, that's fun.

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