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    How many have heard of AngelFluff? Has anyone bought stuff from them? Is so, what did you think? The design your own, caught my eye.

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    How many have heard of AngelFluff? Has anyone bought stuff from them? Is so, what did you think? The design your own, caught my eye.
    I have a pair of Angel Fluff night-weight gauze prefolds. They're interesting, but far from my favorites. Despite being "night-weight", they're the thinnest cloth diapers I own, and I find that doubling up is required in order to get the padded feeling I like. Wearing only one is like wearing pin-on undies! The fabric takes on an odd sort of micro-wrinkled texture when washed, and does have the unique feature of being very stretchy. As a result, and because they're also fairly thin, these prefolds offer an extremely trim fit.

    But the texture bothers me a little.

    So, they're a mixed bag. The ability to order in custom sizes is neat, but I'd recommend the prefolds over these if you want custom sizing. The fabrics are just all-around better, IMO. The weave is more open and more soft, and you can get these diapers with terry soakers between the gauze layers, which improves absorbency a lot.

    Angle Fluff also offers flannel prefolds. I've never cared for flannel as a diaper fabric. It's flat, sometimes fairly pilly, doesn't work well with Boingos or Snappis, and isn't particularly authentic either. No real baby prefolds are made with flannel. So, if I were you, I'd steer clear of those. But you may--probably!--have different preferences.

    My favorite prefolds are from Changing Times, with Baby Pants being a close runner-up. The Changing Times diapers are literally modern twill baby diapers scaled to adult sizes--made by the same factory as most of the baby diapers are.

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    I appreciate the response, but I was more interested in their plastic pants. Do you or anyone else have info on that?

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    i tried their boil-able white pants. These are stiff. but cute I guess my beef with a lot of plastic pants makers is the leg elastics are too thin which causes them to "bite" into your thighs. The Gary active wear are good, but to get the thighs right you have to go up 2 sizes, that or order them custom made. the best ones I have found to date are the Suprima 1287 which I bought from save express in Germany.

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