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Thread: am I being a sell baby or not?

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    Cool am I being a sell baby or not?

    Hi everyone

    Am I being A) Very brave. Or B) very silly.

    Well I been talking to someone on kik who is a Daddy Dom.

    And we have agreed to meet and go to Little big land in Birmingham UK.

    I have also agreed to let him look after me as an AB and let my self go in to the mind set of a toddler.

    Which will mean putting my trust in someone I have never meet.

    Part of me is really looking forward to be able to relax completely into my little side. Knowing that there is someone to look after me.

    But there is the other side of me that is saying "you never meet! What if........."

    I don't won't to live my life in fear. I just wount to be myself.

    I know that there are going to be other children there my age and there Grown up.

    But what do you think am I bing a silly baby doing this. Or should I relax and enjoy the fun.



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    I'd say c) being dangerously careless...

    people have gotten hurt or worse... how long have you been in contact? Do you know of them having contact with anyone else? You don't just on the drop of a hat go meet someone offering you exactly what you want, because such offers are often bait for the other person to get exactly what they want.

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    I agree. Many of us have Daddy or Mommy fantasies for sure. But acting out on one with a stranger F2F on the Internet is not brave at all. I don't know how one safely fulfills an AB/DL connection safely in person. I always worry about meeting with someone F2F and having my picture displayed on the Internet for friends and family to see. A Dom person can very severely hurt you physically and financially even worse.

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    Be very careful sisi.
    Where I live, in West Australia, we had a case only a few weeks ago, where a 18 year old went missing after arranging to meet two people he had met online, to go to an online RPG tournament.

    They found his body buried under a concrete slab in the backyard of a house a week later.

    Two women charged with murder. After they buried him and poured the slab, they threw a freaking party in the house.

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    Is there someone you can bring with you; someone strong? Yeah, I wouldn't be comfortable with that arrangement.

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    Hee, hee

    You mean I might get kid naped.

    I been talking to him for about 2 months now and he is a middle just like my Paddy but he has ADHD like me and anxiety issues.

    I would bring my Paddy along but he is otherwise engaged at her Majesty's pleasure he has been now transferred to a nicer prison/ health farm.... the only thing that is missing is a swimming pool. Wish I could go to a health farm at 4,000 a week on taxpaters money.

    But that what you get for smacking a police man.

    Any way he not free to come with me,

    Hy new Daddy Dom how ever would like to regress for a bit and has ask me if i am OK switching and being his caregiver for a bit.

    I just hope that I not do stranger danger, and it all go wrong. I don't think I would make a very good slave. Or a pet I just misbehave myself too much.

    He know that i am a Little and he know what a hand full I can be and he said he looking forward to have a little to look after for a day.

    But the deal is I go into me litter space and he holds me there by treating me as a toddler.

    Really hope this work out.

    I have lived to long pretending to be something they are not just because somebody else says so.

    And this is going to be a day when I can be little me.

    Hope you understand.

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    Hi, i think it's good that you're considering your safety sisi, you say you've been talking for a few months so you probably have a good idea about eachother. I guess it's your choice but if you never give it a try then you will never know..

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    searching google, I don't see any little big land events scheduled. Is there any public announcement so that you know the event is real?

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    If any of us really want to do something, starting with wearing diapers or the like, we will and do. So your asking us and our telling you what we think isn't making a difference. Just like the woman who noticed her new ABDL boyfriend's weird attention to little girls. She wrote back justifications about him ignoring what we said about her danger of being with a man who could be arrested as a sex pred.

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