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Thread: Wore depends to work, today...

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    Default Wore depends to work, today...

    Yes, I know that they're not the best, but it's what I have. Shortly after arriving, the got a little loose. Thanks to you you guys and this place, where I learned that some tape can help this out. So I used some Gorilla Tape. Do you guys think that will be strong enough? Lol. And I'm going an extra step, today. I packed a RealFit to change into, later. (Haven't done that in this job.) Again, I work in construction. Pray for my guys that they don't overheat, today. Its hot out there.

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    I'm thinking chafing and rash are a likely problem in the heat.

    Smell, probably not. Working outside in this kind of heat, everyone is pretty rank anyway.

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    Were you wearing the cloth-backed? Have you worn the old plastic-backed diapers? I'm slightly interested in the new style due to the reduced crinkle to wear to bed so the wife doesn't get annoyed by the sound. Was it easier to wear long-term than the plastic? How about crinkle sound in quiet places?

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    I look out at a construction site and I could imagine many wearing diapers of some kind rather than use port-o-sans. You could buy plastic pants from a medical supply company. I bought six for $13 something and they don't make a noise.

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    The diaper that I'm wearing, right now, is plastic backed. I know that there are better diapers and plastic pants. I only wet a little, so I avoided the plastic pants to keep cooler, and I just don't have better diapers, right now. The post was more about the haha of Gorilla Tape, and that some of us construction workers do wear diapers.

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    I'm sure you have more on your mind on the site than to think about diapers. The gorilla tape IS a good idea. And to think I was using crappy duct tape. Stay safe and hydrated.

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    Yes, plastic pants are HOT. It was hard for me to not think about diapers a lot until I got used to wearing them. Good luck, I can see from the guys working across from me that you do a valuable service.

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    I wear stretchy snug boxer briefs over my diaper in the summer and they keep it nice and secure for all day active wearing. If its colder out I use plastic pants, but they are just to hot in the summer.

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    Yeah, it's a little hard for us in construction. While wearing a diaper is beneficial, due to the rare nature of available bathrooms... That lack of bathrooms makes it almost impossible to change, when needed. I'm not incontinent, so, times like there, I don't wet much, if at all. Anyway...

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