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Thread: A Whole Day In As An AB tomorrow seems tempting but scary

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    Default A Whole Day In As An AB tomorrow seems tempting but scary

    I went out all week swimming, grocery shopping, taking 20 minute + walks,. I went Day Care for the first time, self help group meetings, the library, museums, and a prayer service and read three books, cleaned my apartment, did laundry, updated my finance records and made nice FB connections and talked with neighbors.
    I am tired and want to stay out of the hot sun and rest.
    I have nothing to do tomorrow and it is so tempting to just put down my play mat take out my toys and pacifier and be an AB all day until a concert in the evening.
    Does anyone else take a whole day out to be an AB? Does anyone else think it scary to do or think of doing?
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    I have on a few occasions. My wife got me a big set of "little green army men" a couple Christmases ago, and I took an afternoon off to play with those. I've also taken afternoons to color in my adult coloring book which she got me last Christmas.

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    I'm planning on diapering up and "little-ing" it myself tomorrow... hell I just got back from the bar and am already pre-game diapering it... I'm gonna try out my new DC-Idyl tomorrow (thanks Jeremyi) might watch cartoons, color, drink out of my adorable HK transition cup, snuggle with my B.A.B. Pikachu... I don't even know yet!!! Let's do it!!! Why not?!?!?! It's our time!!! Let's get happy!!!

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    That would be wonderful the only thing I find scary is going to come back up at the end as sometimes I find it really hard to come out of mindset.

    It like my inner child does not want to stop.

    Have fun regressing.

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    I've never had an entire day, but the most I've dedicated a whole third of a day to babying around.

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    There's no need to be scared, it's fun! Have some fun! I take little days all the time! But today I got to tidy the house but I will find time to be little today and play with my toys.

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    Two hundred plus views and five replies: shame on you lurkers. I deleted all posts with voyeuristic details. Any way, if I wasn't still tired and it wasn't so HOT out, I would go out. The evening's coolness and concert I am more looking forward to than another AB immersion day. I put away all my toys and all after six hours. I finished onw memoir book and am starting on a second one.
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    I do it from time to time, but it's very nice having no worries all day and enjoying your little yourself. Though I will say I normally have to take care of adult thing at some point during the day, it's a nice reprieve from adult hood.

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    Being retired I can do what I like when I like, I could be an AB most of my time except for grocery shopping, taking walks, laudny swimming and showing up in my building lobby and talking to senior housing neighbors enough so they don't start gossiping about me to have the manager come to my door. But I don't want to do that. I think I will be like another person who only does his AB playing with toys and the like in the evening. I have a plan for next week to go out every morning somewhere with other stuff planned for the afternoon and evening.

    As I keep writing, I can do out and be an AB and be treated like one--at the simple entertainment hours at the senior center near me. Soon all of them will have adult coloring hours, too. That's an idea for younger people, gather your friends for adult coloring book evenings or whatever that is becoming a thing. You and others who are AB/DL's you don't know about will be right where you'd like to be--as an AB/DL with friends.
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