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Thread: Moving and had to clean out the stash.

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    Default Moving and had to clean out the stash.

    Purchased a new house way out in the sticks, movers are coming in 1 week and I had to thin the stash. I had quite a collection of diapers I tried and did not like.

    Full trash can:

    It may hurt some of you to look at that trash can, but trust me.... there is nothing that great in there. All the good stuff gets used up and only the stuff that I dont like remains.

    I plan on building a little room, or big closet, in the new house just for diapers. I think my diaper love has gone from just something I like, to a hobby.

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    I feel that. I recently moved as well and cleaned out some stuff. Including about 3/4 a pack of ABU Diapers and a few 'accessories'. I'm already trying to plan another abu delivery, though I am a little weary since I don't know the delivery at my new complex all that well yet. I've also considered a storage unit to store some items for when family or friends come to visit, as I don't have an obvious hiding spot and don't want to risk a find.

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    You could have been smart and donated them.

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    I was imagining a corner where all the DL's hang out.... and one day they show up to find a trash can full off new, unused diapers. Jackpot.

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