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Thread: Am I a scrooge when buying diapers?

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    Default Am I a scrooge when buying diapers?

    Is it just me or are AB Universe diapers far to over priced??
    Also are they plastic backed?

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    Their pricing is quite comparable at the case level, which is where almost all of the ABDL companies aim. All of their diapers are plastic backed, although their Preschool diaper will be a hybrid with clothlike backing and conventional tapes/landing zone.

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    And when you really look at it, they aren't even that much more than the top of the line medical diapers. I think the Abba x-plusses are around 1.60 per diaper and the abu space are about 1.80

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    Eh, I was just looking at Abena M4's on Amazon. $25.99 for a 14 count, or $1.78/diaper. ABU has a case of 80 for $156 or $1.95/diaper. For less than $.20 more I would gladly pop for ABU. I've tried several and they simply can't be beat right now imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pampers4U View Post
    lol yea you are...JK

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    To me I don't see the point to paying 40 extra bucks for something I'd get about the same use out of as dry 24/7s for prints, scents, and giant tapes.

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    ABU's diapers offer a ton of padding, but to be honest I think that much protection is overkill. In my experience, I've worn their space diapers and wet them several times (3-5 times) before changing and they still weren't close to leaking. They're a good choice if you happen to have enough money to budget for diapers, but if not you could buy from another brand and still have the right amount of protection to suit your needs.

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    I'm beginning to think you're right. The designs and scents really aren't worth it.

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    You get what you pay for in all seriousness - they are great quality and super cute. I mean, if you don't want to pay that price you don't really have to have them - there are cheaper alternatives. Waaay cheaper alternatives.

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