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Thread: 2 Piece Footed Pajamas

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    Default 2 Piece Footed Pajamas

    So I saw this picture on google:

    and I think this is the cutest thing ever. Does anyone sell 2 piece footie pajamas or make custom pj's?

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    I have gotten some from Macy's during the cooler months when they come available online.

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    I have seen a few types around as it starts to get cooler; some being more holiday based designs. Sears, Walmart; those type of places usually have something similar in the fall.

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    I saw them last winter in a Walmart store. They only had very girly patterns so I never gave them a second look...too bad because somethings they sold, such as footie PJ's, were patterned so that they would have been suitable for a little boy also...

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