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Thread: Leg-warmers out in the open

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    Question Leg-warmers out in the open

    So I was thinking about doing leg warmers. If I do it probably be either for a gathering for us Kandi kids or a convention that for Bronies. I like loud music such as the bronypalooza at bronycon. I am not certain what music festivals I would like to go to much less be at if they keep banning stuff.
    (But any who) My question is do you wear leg warmers and could a guy get by with it. I noticed that there are some actually being sold for men.
    Also for all you brony's Bronycon2017 has been scheduled for August 11-13 of next year.

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    Leg Warmers are great just a fabrication of heavy weight hold-ups with basically the same problem that like London Bridges falling down if the damn things won't stay put in place.
    This due to a very active body movement or elastic malfunction not enough stretch to hold in position or over use requiring the addition of a garter belt.
    August and leg warmers - where are you ? Leg warmers usually a winter accessory and worn over tights or light weight panty hose outside and in ballet practice inside.
    But never mind if it works for you all that much the better just beware of the gap between the short tutu or dance skirt and the top of the leg warmers for maybe a drafty experience !

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    I have a pair of cableknit leg warmers (ebay white cableknit leg wamers), I use a rubber band at the top and fold over the top over it to hide keep them up. Love them!


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