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Thread: Modern Pampers/Huggies designs?

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    Question Modern Pampers/Huggies designs?

    I understand that a lot of people grew up with vintage plastic-backed baby diapers, which is why companies like ABU and Bambino make AB diapers in that design. But I believe those who grew up with modern cloth-backed designs, such as myself, are becoming more prominent. So my question is: When will the aforementioned companies tap into that market, if ever?

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    Well, I'm with you. I vastly prefer the modern designs to the old plastic-backed stuff. We got cloth-backed Cushies from ABU, but they've been taken away (for the second time), and the replacement sounds like it will be a big step backwards. And the cloth-backed Cushies were only halfway there anyway; they were almost completely lacking in elastic, which is such a prominent feature of baby diaper design anymore that its omission in a cloth-backed diaper was a frustrating contradiction. Bambino's still-unreleased hybrid diaper had elastic wings, which was very promising. Marry those to the cloth-backed Cushies design and you'd really have something, IMO.

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    I like the Seni Quatros, they have a similar cloth-like backing that's much higher quality than any other cloth-backed diaper I've tried. I admit, the only ABU diaper I've tried is the Space Diaper though.

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