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    I know a few other posters have talked about this topic but most of the threads are closed now or the member who posted it has been banned. I would like to post a new thread about this topic. How many of us when we are not padded wear these cartoon plastered underwear? For me it's my primary pick.

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    I have a couple of cartoon panties that I wear occasionally but my normal non-diaper underwear is bikini-style men's underwear.

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    I can't find any cartoon underwear ... that's not super hero stuff (yeah, I don't like super hero stuff, sorry).

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    I would say half of my 'big boy' undies are of the cartoon variety. I also wear training pants quite a bit when I'm not in a diaper.

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    I love cartoon briefs! I have a lot of pairs stashed away.

    Funny, I asked the same question a while ago when I first joined :P

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    I have patterned knickers that go over my diaper and some plain ones as well.

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    I love cartoon undies! They're a great way to feel little when you don't have many diapers to spare. Unfortunately, I don't have many. The only pair I have are a pair of training paints with blue dino prints on them. I remember once I ordered a pack of briefs with Skylanders prints on them, hoping they could fit me. They didn't. :\

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    I can't find any patterned undies either. I have a 35" waist.

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    You can get them in a lot of normal fashion shops now.

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    Wal-Mart always has awesome adult sized cartoon undies, I have four different pair of sesame street and three different Mario. I have seen others that I am not as interested in like my little pony (the new one, if it was the old looking ones I would have snatched them up in a heartbeat) and pokemon. They are also a great place for adult sized footie pajamas. I am in no way a big advocate of Wal-mart but they do carry some stuff worth looking at.

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