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Thread: Detailed list of ABDL diapers and sizes

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    Post Detailed list of ABDL diapers and sizes

    I thought it be a good idea if I made a list of all abdl diapers that I know of. Tell me below if I missed any cause I feel like I am missing one. This list is only including products that are designed for adults, and have a outer print on them. This list is to serve abdls around with finding new products, and for use on information on how the sizing is. I found that a some people had a misconception on what products where actually available for what size and I hope this would inform them. I have listed a link to each website for all to find. Any diaper that has not come out yet or will be coming out will be put in the other section. Currently the only things in other are diapers for size small that may or may not be released for small waist people. I am not including the aww so cute dc diapers because those have yet to prove their legitimacy.

    Pie Graph: (Easily shows what size dominants)

    Small Medium Large X-Large Other
    Rearz Black Bellissimo Bellissimo Bellissimo Bambinos new diaper might come in small
    Safari Nighttime Classico Classico Classico [url] ABU will be releasing a small diaper at the end of 2016
    DC Amor teddy teddy teddy
    cushies cushies cushies
    lavender lavender lavender
    super dry kids super dry kids super dry kids
    Space Space Space
    Littlepawz Littlepawz Littlepawz
    Baby block Baby block Cuddlz Single tape
    Spoiled Spoiled Cuddlz Double tape
    Princess Pink Princess Pink Blue Teddy Bear
    Safari Nighttime Safari Nighttime Pink Teddy
    Rearz Black Rearz Black Purple Teddy
    Overnights Overnights MyDiaper Night ANIMAL Print
    Fabine Fabine
    Fabine Black Fabine Black
    Cuddlz Single tape Cuddlz Single tape
    Cuddlz Double tape Cuddlz Double tape
    Blue Teddy Bear Blue Teddy Bear
    Pink Teddy Bear
    Pink Teddy Bear
    Purple Teddy Bear
    Purple Teddy Bear
    DC Idyl
    DC Idyl
    Pink Dotty the Pony
    Pink Dotty the Pony
    MyDiaper Night ANIMAL Print
    MyDiaper Night ANIMAL Print
    MyDiaper Night Printed Adult
    MyDiaper Night Printed Adult
    Mydiaper - Cheap Printed(fish carnival print)
    Sexy Adult diapers
    Sexy Adult diapers DC Amor
    DC Amor

    Detailed List:
    Bambinos -
    Bellissimo: M, L, XL
    Classico: M, L, XL
    teddy: M, L, XL
    cushies: M, L, XL
    lavender: M, L
    super dry kids: M, L, XL
    Space: M, L, XL
    Littlepawz: M, L, XL
    Has small size coming at the END of 2016; no word on what products.
    Baby block: M, L
    Crinklz: M, L
    Spoiled: M, L
    Princess Pink: M, L
    Safari Nighttime: S, M, L
    Rearz Black: S, M, L (Not really abdl diaper but because its black instead of white including it)
    Overnights:  M, L,
    Fabine: M, L
    Fabine Black: M, L Not really abdl diaper but because its black instead of white including it)
    Single tape: M, L, XL
    Double tape: M, L, XL
    Blue Teddy Bear: M, L, XL
    Pink Teddy Bear: M, L, XL
    Purple Teddy Bear: M
    Diaper Connoisseur-
    DC Amor (pink): S, M, L
    DC Idyl: M, L
    abdl factory-
    Pink Dotty the Pony: M, L
    MyDiaper Night ANIMAL Print: M, L, XL
    MyDiaper Night Printed Adult: M, L
    Mydiaper - Cheap Printed(fish carnival print): M
    Sexy Adult diapers: M, L
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic007 View Post
    I didn't put abu simple on there because this list is for diapers that are not all white.
    The fabine pacifier is not on there because it is no longer being made by the company. All that you see now is left over stock.

    Thank you for the last one I knew I was forgetting someone. Funny because I thought this website went down its like super old and I never hear anyone talk about them anymore. Before I add this one can someone tell me if this company is even still a thing? The last post about these diapers was in like 2012 and even then people were buying them on ebay.

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    in the top table dcamor only shows in the small column, should be in all 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchtopK View Post
    in the top table dcamor only shows in the small column, should be in all 3
    Thanks for catching that. For some reason when I uploaded the table to the post it deleted a lot of stuff, I thought I got it all.

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