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Thread: Well it's done...I ordered a pack of arena m4s.

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    Default Well it's done...I ordered a pack of arena m4s.

    I ordered my first pack of abena m4s yesterday. It just shipped today. I should have then by Friday. They were shipped and sold by Amazon so I'm hoping the packaging is discreet.

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    I'm so excited for you! Abena is my favourite brand of incontinence products

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    Yeah Abena was my goto before the Northshore you will have to SIDF and tell us about it on Saturday. Happy nappy Wearing!,

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    Abena's were the first "real" adult diapers I ever ordered way back when... You're going to be happy. You should give Dry 24/7 a try though.


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    Did not know that bethesda got ito diapers

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    I to started with Abena diapers when I had to wear taped diapers for an OAB issue, they are a great diaper but I have found that dry 24/7's are a better choice for me.

    I always felt a bit wet when using the Abena air plus m4's and the diaper always felt damp to the touch sice it is a cloth backed diaper.

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    Don't like the airplus at all but I did use the M3s, Deltas and M4s for a longtime... I think I might have some stored thanks for the reminder!

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    The Abena m4's were also my *1st "real diaper" I still wear them today.
    The plastic backed version is a diaper staple in my supply, I always have M4's on hand, they do a great job.
    When I 1st got them those diapers were only worn at night or in the confines of my house, they seemed super thick on me. Now after years of wearing and many other diaper brands the Abena m4 is my primary day time diaper, nothing has changed on them, other diaper just got better.

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    Unlike what's available in person, locally, they can actually hold something before leaking!

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