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Thread: A nice bed tent...Anyone see these?

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    Default A nice bed tent...Anyone see these?


    Anyone seen these in person or own one...

    Look nice for camping and just getting your own space!

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    That would be good as a crib of sorts. One could put up a an enclosure for the open side. It could be a long curtain rod with a curtain or a wood thing.

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    If you look closely the open side rolls down and it looks like there are zips to close it. Clic on the main image and you can see all the detail. It looks like fun. look here

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    If you look closely, you see that the open side has a rolled up door that can zipper shut, totally enclosing you. That sure would shut out the world.

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    Yes, it would make an ideal crib that no one would know is one and would work in studio apartments. I think I will get one for mine. If the mattress comes with it, it is less expensive than other studio apartment beds.

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    That is kinda neat, I would buy it.

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    It does seem to have the ability to fully close out the world...and I'd hope light as well...

    I've got a metal crib...but for would be great!

    Btw: I don't think it comes with the mattress...not at those prices ��

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