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    Hey everyone my name is Ashley I am 19.
    I have been a bedwetter most of my life though I have mostly grown out of it i use it as an excuse to still wear diapers at night at least. I work full time in the wonderful world of retail so I need a good warm diaper most nights when I get home.

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    Ah, then you want to check out re warm diapers... Hallo and welcome... More Illinoians... Welcome to you. Please feel free to explore all our forums, including administrative stuff, where you'll find all sorts of tips on our forum features, not to mention the Moo wall, which says a lot about the site as well as its founder and chief administrator.

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    I work in retail too! Isn't it almost, not quite, sort of not wonderful?

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    Hi there. Wlecome to the forums!


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    Welcome to the forums, goodnitesgirl! Can I assume from your username that Goodnites are your favorite diaper? Both my kids work in retail and they're always telling me about their experiences, both good and bad. Retail in itself doesn't sound too awfully bad. It's just certain customers with nasty attitudes that seem to be a real pain to deal with.


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    meh. retail isn't all that bad. especially in an airport... makes the whole experience more intense XD

    anyhoo, welcome to the forums goodnitesgirl.

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    all slave to the retail gods!
    welcome and i think you'll find this place a good distraction to your everyday 9-5. if you need any help with anything or want to get to know people pretty well you can always check out the flashchat ( hope to see you around.

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