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Thread: I love PACI's

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    Default I love PACI's

    I bought a pacifier today, 4 or them, there the soothing ones, dunno what they are called because I no longer have the packaging.

    They are so awesome, and help me with my stress, I may sleep with one tonight, my diapers and laptop are coming in the mail tomorrow, just gotta get to it before anyone else becomes noisy.

    Now, I feel like an adult baby, LOL.

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    Paci's are awesome! Congratulations on getting your first pacifiers. I am kind of surprised that you got rid of the packaging so fast that you don't know what they are, but then again, it is pretty exciting anytime when one gets something new and is anxious to try it out.

    There are adult sized ones that are amazing as they fit and feel appropriate and not like a big person having to use something smaller than they. Howeve, even the ones made for toddlers all have a way of making one feel very much a part of their little self. I have found that using a paci at night often helps me sleep better. It didn't happen right up front, in fact it took some time to get used to it. At first I kept waking up and fussing about with the paci, but now I seem to be able to sleep through the night and wake up in the morning with the paci still in place.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your new purchases and that they bring you closer to the little part of who you are.

    Teddy Bear Cowboy

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    I can't wait for Abu to start selling them, hopefully by September when I do my standard 2 full case diaper order, I like to restock all at once.

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    hehe ^.^, It's actually written on the dummy, silly bear.

    Tommee Tippee

    With me, when I open stuff, I'm usually in a rush, I'm a impatient little lol.

    Sorry, kind of in my little state of mind ^.-

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    i spent a glorious day last week resting on my bed as I strained muscles exercising sucking on a pacifier all the time. It is an adult one but my gums still hurt. When they stop I will use it again but for a limited time each day.

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    Pacis are part of myself. Sometimes all the day...

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    I can't use mine all day, but I am going to learn when I can use them at different times for their comfort. Does anyone else schedule their pacifier use, what times do you get the most comfort?

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    im glad you are enjoying it. i know i have my with me all the time. over time you will get so use to it you won't notice you are sucking it become second nature to pop it in. couple years back i was out front of my house getting my mail and new neighbor saw me and asked "is that a pacifier" i was caught off guard. it's took a while now she knows all about me and we have become great friends. you now you are an addict for it when you find you get freakout and have a melt down when you can't find it. so have more than one for back up

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    I wish I could do that! How did you get away with that and do people tease you?

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