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Thread: Should I play with my toys in the living room with dad?

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    Default Should I play with my toys in the living room with dad?

    I am thinking about taking a toy downstairs to play when I look after the dog or just because I want to. I live with my dad and brother but my brother is at work most of the time. I have a dog who is still a puppy and nosy passer byers but they don't pass by often. I also live next to a school. Would this be a good idea?

    I was thinking of bringing dolls, maybe blocks on the table, colouring books, cars, puzzles etc. I asked my dad and he has said he doesn't care what I do and he is the same way as me but doesn't show it, should I encourage him to play as well if he isn't busy?

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    My brother does NOT know about this at all and he would think I am weird and call me out or something. My other family members thinks it's "endearing" that I like to be a child. I am going to see my little cusions more often to play with them as well.

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    I think you should. There's certain toys that are timeless like puzzles and nowadays coloring among adults is becoming increasingly popular if you're really concerned with your brother's opinion of you.

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    If your dad is ok with it, and other family members...Id say go for it...!

    If your brother sees you playing with toys, or that sort of thing I doubt he'd think much about it, especially if your dad is there at the same time.

    If his dad, I assume same father, is nonchalent about it, I feel it would be a non issue.

    Picture this, you laying with some blocks, your dad sees it, your brother comes home...He may poke you once, but with a parent there in plain site, open things quickly become non issues.

    You being open with playing with something, will also make it a non issue...

    No fun picking on someone if they don't get mad or upset about it...

    Just my $0.02

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    I think it would be just fine; you are who you are don't resist being yourself because there's nothing wrong with it.

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