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Thread: Things toddlers do that you wish you could get away with.

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    Default Things toddlers do that you wish you could get away with.

    What can you get away with?,

    I can get away with telling my dad that I am going to play with my toys, wear bright socks and little girly clothes. I can wear my diapers but not tell anybody or nobody changes me! I can be silly and give my dad lots of hugs, me and dad actually discuss toys!

    What do you wish you could get away with?

    I wish I could sit on my dads knee and he wouldn't question why I am wearing a diaper and he could change me. I wish I would get more toddler like attention like singing nursery rhymes, having picnics and playing in the park. I wish he could talk to me like I am a small child and that he would give me baths and tuck in into bed. I wish I could openly suck a paci and carry toys with me. I wish he could buy me toys for Christmas and my birthday.

    What are your answers to these questions?
    Additional question: I told my dad that I like playing with toys, but my house is right outside a school and a dog is in the living room, should I bring a toy downstairs with me sometimes when I pup-sit the dog? I am not sure what my dad's opinion would be, I don't think I could bring my blocks downstairs with me because my dog would run away with my blocks and knock over my towers!

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    For one being seen in public with a pacifier in my mouth or diaper showing. Would be nice to not have to wear boxers over the top (though it helps hold the diaper up). Especially in these summer months, it's very hot and sweaty to wear in the daytime, and removing that one layer without being in fear every time I have to bend over would be that much cooler. Also, it's tough to be a boy (man?) and expected to be manly all day, every day. Finally, I'm very sluggish in the morning and when I'm tired. It comes off as shyness. What's wrong with being shy?

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    All things really but mostly I would want to take my teddy with me when I go places.

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    That's cute, btw I love your avatar, looks so cute!

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    Thanks 😊 It makes me sad that grown ups forget about loving their teddy. It just doesn't seem weird to me at all. But I have learned to be ok with leaving him but he has a big cuddly plush puppy to look after him when you im gone.

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    -Suck my thumb and a pacifier in public
    -Carry a stuffed animal with me
    -Have a sippy cup in public
    -Ride in a shopping cart (Although I don't know how I'd get in and out.)
    -Play on a playground without worrying about people being weirded out (I do this is too some extent if the park isn't busy.)
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    Wear a diaper in public with only a t-shirt on (unless wearing a onesie with teddy bears on it)
    Wearing a bib when drinking (to dribble on)
    Having/using a cuddly
    Using a playground
    Drinking warm milk from a baby's bottle

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    For me the most important would being able to play on the swings and other things at a playground.

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