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Thread: How do you deal with ABDL haters.

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    Default How do you deal with ABDL haters.

    Some people can be reasoned with if your nice about it and good at debating:

    (Some of those comments are arranged out of posting order)

    However, how do you deal with people like this:

    I think they are beyond reasoning with after all the attacks they've made but I could be wrong.

    This is how I answered my own question:
    It helped me to look at all the positive comments my gallery does have. Also, I realized that I value the opinions of those close to me more then some random person on the internet: I talked to a good IRL friend of mine who isn't an ABDL, but is accepting of me being one and he didn't see a problem. That meant a lot to me.
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    To be honest the best way to deal with internet trolls like this is to not reply at all.
    They want you to engage in a response.

    You could block them, but I prefer to pretend I never saw them because some people will notice they were blocked and come back on another account or bring friends. Sometimes they'll even be happy to have gotten under your skin enough to take that action.

    Don't give them any satisfaction. If you don't respond, a lot of these petty people will get bored and move on. Keep doing what you love and don't let people like that drag you down.

    I know it's hard to deal with stubborn and ignorant people like this, but you can't make everyone change their mind and it's best not to dwell on their negativity. Instead surround yourself with friends and others who love and support your interests

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    I wonder why,
    every people have their own priceless appreciation about something, he should not say that picture is priceless in other mind, every people have their own view.
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    Generally I just laugh at them.
    I find it hilarious that people will debate about a subject that will rare affect the them on a daily life.

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    Well... In my real, non-online life, I don't know any ABDL haters--but neither do I go around broadcasting to strangers that I'm ABDL. Who knows? Maybe I'm surrounded by ABDL haters every time I walk down my street, visit the store, etc. Well, whatever. Ignorance is bliss! In my yes-online life, I admit to being ABDL only while vacationing on a few select ABDL islands like this one. As there aren't any/many ABDL haters here, I guess I don't know any ABDL haters... at all. *shrug* They must be out there somewhere, but I feel rather disinclined to go looking for them, because... gosh... why would I want to? I mean... name a thing, and there are people out there who'll claim to hate it, hate the people who enjoy it, etc.

    A few suggestions:

    • Denying that we are weird can only bring anger and frustration. We are weird. Let's not kid ourselves.
    • Denying that people who aren't weird, or who are differently weird, will express a distaste for our particularly weirdness is futile, and will also bring anger and frustration. People know what they like and like what they know. ABDLs are a tiny minority. Not many non-ABDLs know ABDLs, and so it stands to reason that the vast, vast ABDL-unaware population is naturally somewhat resistant to the idea that we are all good in the head over here. That's just a statistics problem. Quit getting mad at math.
    • Denying that the internet is an amplifier for everything, and will turn mere ignorance into hatred, mere dislike into hatred, etc., is futile. The internet does that. It'll make one or two opinions seem like the general consensus every time. Try not to take everything at face value! Work backwards from what you see--apply the inverse of all of that internet distortion--and realize that the person on the other end is just another idiot, like most of us, full of ignorance and prejudice. We're on the receiving end this time. Next time, the roles may be reversed.

    Basically, I find that the surest medicine for the feelings that come from reading internet vitriol is: Have realistic expectations. We are not each alone in our own private Garden of Eden, so we can't be too idealistic or we'll go nuts. Shit exists. And in most cases, IMO, if you find yourself inclined to complain about the smell, it's because you chose to stick your nose in it.
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    Must have a sick mind for seeking out and dwelling on things he finds disgusting, feel sorry for him.

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    As I put it "Everyone has their own kinks, quirks, and conundrums. You don't have to accept it, nor do you have to harass one about it. Merely tolerate its existence and ignore it." The last time an internet troll tried harassing me for that comment (on imgur), he was met with alot of hatred from the community who thought what I said was a phrase to live by.

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    Its the internet. Your keyboard has a delete and backspace keys. Your computer has an "off" button. Apps can be uninstalled.

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    To be honest I haven't found very many people that hate us. I don't actively seek them out so that may have something to do with it.

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    I really don't bother. I'm happy to talk with anyone who has questions or misconceptions if they appear to really be trying to understand but I won't continue arguing with someone who is committed to being mad. I suppose it's possible to get someone like that to understand but the chance seems quite low and I'd prefer to spend my energy in ways that are more likely beneficial.

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