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Thread: Attempted military coup in Turkey

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    Default Attempted military coup in Turkey

    I'm interested to hear from anyone in that area what's going on--one of the guys I work with is on his sabbatical right now, and being from Turkey, he and his wife are over there visiting family right now. We did get an email saying that he's alive and well, but that doesn't mean I'm not concerned.

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    What a weird situation! I didn't know who to root for. I couldn't say I was exactly surprised but something of that magnitude is always disconcerting.

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    Our government is advising Americans to stay indoors, in their apartments, etc. It sounds like the coup has been averted.

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    No special knowledge outside what's been on the broadcast news. FWIW, I consider this more important and potentially more worrisome than the tragedy in Nice.

    Edit: On one of the broadcasts, a talking head noted that there have been rumors of U.S. nuclear weapons stashed at the Incirlik AF base.
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