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Thread: Hi I am Pandr I am A Babyfur Panda

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    Default Hi I am Pandr I am A Babyfur Panda

    Okays so Hi,
    I am Pandr, and I guess I'm going to do this like a new person, will I have been in the furry fandom are quite a long time and some of you probably know
    me by my FA page.

    My Babyfur character first, I do have two of them and I identified them as brothers and they are both named Pandr, (Dad did not have a wide imagination when naming his boys)

    Baby boy one (Pandr Panda) age approximately 20 months old is a full blooded giant panda bear cub has a good personality really likes to meet other people and for the most part is a very good little boy, except on occasions when not and daddy will take care of that problem.

    He is approximately 2'5" tall.
    He weighs approximately 27 pounds normal weight for a little one is size.
    He is usually very friendly and not shy at all but usually don't me much of a fuss about any, (Daddy wishes he was more vocal)
    He does like to play but sometimes he will go to hibernation mode so to speak and will make a post for a long time (sorry guys that is me in real life I just have so much going on at times and on my mind I get very depressed and sometimes my depression medication does not work as well as it should)

    Baby boy number two (Pandr Pandafox) is a crossbreed giant panda and Red Fox mix.
    Is a healthy age 4
    is almost fully potty training he does still have a problem at night so daddy usually puts him in a diaper for bedtime, and he is usually in cloth training pants during the day.
    He is also very playful when he gets to know you but it is same as above.
    And he is very protective of his younger brother.
    He is approximately 35 pounds.
    He is about 3 feet tall
    I hope that this introduces me to the group are the form.

    I'm sorry but I have like I said in in the fandom for a very long time and have been a Babyfur as long as I've been in the fandom, I am 51 years old in case you guys have not read my page, I am not looking for any AB/DL RP or Furry I do have a boyfriend JJ-Ket although I have not spoken to him in a wild because of things that have been going on.

    Both boys are totally fascinated with their teddy bears and sometimes other stuffed animal as they will not go anywhere without them in tow or without them close by.

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    *hugs* Tanks

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    so glad to have another babyfur to talk to

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    Okays cool *Hugs*

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    I have been better, am dealing with a lot of depression lately but it is getting better I have decided to open up a little more about my AB/DL-Furry side and some of the things I've been going through and have been looking for a forum or message board to help with that, and I think I found it here.
    *hugs you tight*
    Also thank you for accepting my friends request.

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    *hugs* anytime, if you want to chat on skype or telegram I'm there I have big ears and am willing to listen, been battling my own depression demons too lately.

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    Default Hang in there

    Welcome to the family, hope to see you on the forums.

    If you ever need help please let some know, many of us here are willing to help out.

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