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    Anyone else wish Goodnites were this absorbent?

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    That's too much for me! I wouldn't want to be in a diaper for too long, not a lot of changes and more rashes, pretically nasty ones, ouch!

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    I agree with Angelic. While I enjoy a squishy warm diaper, I definitely wouldn't want to be in one long enough to produce half my body weight in urine.

    But you know what they say~ different strokes for different folks

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    I think it would be nice! Just many use water as a splendid because I do agree with not wanting to wear that long.

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    Maybe not Goodnites, but I sometimes wish a tape on brief that could absorb like that.

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    No not really, looks like it'd be really hard to get around in those even if they were dry. Just too impractical.

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    That looks kind of fun, once. But not a goodnight. That's sort of the opposite of a super absorbent nappy.

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    Ha-haa! No. If I had one wish for GoodNites, it would be a wider crotch. Like, at least as wide as in baby diapers would be nice. It's such a shame, because the recent generations of GoodNites pull right on, even with my 44" hips. The elastic is amazing! At the first sign of pee, though, they leak like a sieve. The crotch width just isn't enough to make it around the ol' male anatomy down there, so I end up with catastrophic gaps where the diaper would otherwise be snugged into the folds of my crotch. It seems a bit goofy that a baby diaper would be 40% wider in the crotch, but then babies poop, and they need room for that. Bed wetters, not so much. At least not in bed.
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    I'll bet there are a number of mothers who wish Goodnites would hold that much. Less laundry time for mom!

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