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Thread: Riding In Diapers?

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    Question Riding In Diapers?

    Does anyone go horseback riding in diapers? Someone suggested that I post this question in this forum. I ask this question (and the question posted in another forum) because I occasionally welcome guests at my farm and on occasion, I've gone trail riding with a couple of ABs that I know have horse experience and know how to ride properly. In one instance, someone had to poop and did it in their diaper while riding which he seemed to enjoy. Fortunately no leaks and he cleaned himself up afterward on his own (didn't ask me to change him). Is this the anomaly for ABs who ride? To the best of my knowledge, no one else has had to use their diaper while riding though they choose to wear them.
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    I don't horseback ride anymore, haven't since I was 12, didn't wear diapers at the time either.

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    I don't horseback ride, but I imagine as long as it is a premium diaper, you should be OK. The mess would be a bitch to clean up after bouncing up and down so much. Not something I would want to be doing for any major length of time.

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    I mean I'd imagine if the need arose I would, wouldn't really want to as it would leave me stuck in a messy diaper until I could dismount.

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    I ride cars and on occasion ride bikes pretty much always padded. last time I rode a horse was before had urinary issues.

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    I don't ride either, which kind of odd cause I live on a farm as well. It sounds like a lot of fun. Expecially with a partner where you could change each other. I would like to go horseback camping! You would be able to get away from all other public and ride in nothing but a diaper. Lol I guess sunscreen would be a must in that situation though!

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    Is it uncomfortable to wear and cycle both wet and dry?

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