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    I-I'd like some tips on how to be a sissy. Looking to buy some dresses and I have some girl's Goodnites, along with some pink pacifiers and a bottle.

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    Be like Nike and do it seriously go to a Walmart out side of where if your afraid to be caught and buy the paci and diapers and you can find places of line to buy frilly dresses or if you want something a little older walmart sells cartoon character sleep sets which are perfect for a little girls night wear with a diaper air also goodwill might have some cute stuff too but it's a matter of just doing it and the more you make these purchases the more comfortable you you will become when you need to get more stuff or also Walgreens is great as I find Walgreens cashiers to be less questioning when a male come and buys girls goodnites, pacis and bottles then ones at Walmart

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    You have any suggestions on where to find frilly dresses?

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    Amazon etsy Craigslist or other abdl sites a quick Google search would help if I knew more but I'm not a sissy I'm more of just a LG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zillabrony13 View Post
    You have any suggestions on where to find frilly dresses?
    Ebay, Ebay, Ebay.

    Sometimes Amazon. . . mostly Ebay. Oh and Etsy.

    But I recommend Ebay. Did I mention Ebay? I mean just type "Sissy" into the search bar, a million things will come up.

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    Well, after many years and finally figuring out that I am a sissygirl too (at least a part of me), I came across a site that has a wide selection of quality clothes and outfits (including custom made mary jane shoes!) that I would recommend giving a looksie.

    They aren't cheap, but then the quality certainly isn't cheap either. Well crafted, excellent material, and fabrics and colors that you certainly can find something to make you feel pretty and the sissy girl you are.

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