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Thread: I think my mother in law knows now :-)

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    Default I think my mother in law knows now :-)

    A few days ago, myself, my wife and my 8 month old were up visiting my mother in law. I decided to stay diapered all weekend. Yes, my wife knows about my diapers

    So, we were just arriving at the place we were going to eat. As I was getting my baby daughter out of her car seat, my wife told me that her diaper was showing...

    As I bent over to fix her outfit, I heard my mother in law say "I think Daddy's is too!"

    We all giggled, but nothing was said of it. I am not sure if my wife ever explained my diapers to my Mother In Law. I will have to ask her!

    It was a fun day

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    It's safe to say your MIL knows, and has known for some time. Mom and daughter talk. Unless it was something pretty obvious, like the cute Cushie in your profile pic if she didn't know, even if she saw it chances are she wouldn't even recognize it as a diaper, much less make that comment.

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    Well, sounds like she noticed. And considering that nothing else was said of it, she may not care.

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    That's cool. Sounds like she knows. She made a joke about it. Doesn't seem like a big deal. Congrats.

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    She doesn't seem to care, I would just leave it and not make a big deal of it.

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    Have you asked your wife what she thought of the comment and if your wife indeed talked about you wearing to the MIL? It seems you are in good place regardless, but it might be good to know for the next time you visit.

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    Mỹ mother has found my diapers before and has never said anything. I was really nervous to get the conversation bit it never came.

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