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Thread: Coming out from the shadows

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    Default Coming out from the shadows

    Hi everyone nice to meet you all.

    My nickname's Chip. I've been on adisc for a long time and finally made an account.

    I like Adisc and I've learned a lot from other users opinions and advice.

    My favorite hobby is anything that involves my creative side like crafts and designing.

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    Welcome to the group, Chip

    ADISC is a right place to explore creativity.
    This site will give you a solution on live your life, and also share your experiences here, don't be shy to say anything your problem,

    "we are here for you"

    I see that you are interested in art,
    I'm also pleased with the art, so what creativity design are you doing?

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    Hi Chip! Welcome to ADISC!

    I'd love to see your art sometime ^^
    While I don't really draw, I do really enjoy making things with perler beads. Have you ever heard of them?

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    I don't draw much either but have recently got into woodwork. I do really enjoy that!

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