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    I don't know if more people know about this or not, but I recently discovered an online incontinence supply store called HDIS, and they a very good deal on there where they will give you 2 of "Reassure® Maximum, Attends® Breathable Brief, TENA® Ultra, Wings® Choice Plus, Abena Abri-Form Premium Brief, Tranquility All Through the Night Brief, Tranquility SlimLine, Prevail Maximum Brief". (Quoted from website) Granted, these brands are not all that good aside from the abenas, but you can get these brands (and a few more I suppose, there are supposed to be 24 total to my knowledge) for $9.50 or so, don't really remember the exact price. You can do the math, but it's obvious that this is an insanely good deal. Normally, a sample pack can range from $6-10 per brand, so when an opportunity like this shows up, you can't help but take a double take. I have ordered this variety pack, but I haven't actually received it yet, so I can't really give an opinion on the quality of the delivery as of now. Hopefully though, this isn't another too-good-to-be-true gimmick that buffoons like me fall for at the drop of a pin...

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    You will pay 9.99 for the diaper sampler and 4.99 for the doubler /liner/booster sample pack.

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    It's legitimate. I ordered this several years ago. The samples were not bad for what you paid. If I remember back then, it was mostly cloth like diapers and not much plastic. You do get on their email list with weekly specials, mostly for elder medical products.

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    They have an "order charge" at checkout of $2.95, so it ends up being $12.90, but even at that price I'm very tempted by this.

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    It seems like a good deal, and I also bought this even though I have over 2,000 diapers.

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    By the way, don't be surprised if they call you a few weeks after you order asking how you liked the variety and if you had any questions. This would be basically a telemarketing call. Not a big deal, but expect call at some point. They cater to the medical needs, not an ABDL community, but I am sure there are many who have ordered from them that are not for medical needs...never had an issue with feeling uncomfortable. Very professional, polite and understands discretion.

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