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Thread: super excited for saterday

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    Wink super excited for saterday

    me and daddy are going to Crayola Experience Saturday its going to be a daddy
    lil girl day and i am so pumped

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    Quote Originally Posted by daddysgirl9180 View Post
    me and daddy are going to Crayola Experience Saturday its going to be a daddy
    lil girl day and i am so pumped
    It sounds like fun. What events will take place?

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    Wow, I want to come! Lots of colouring and magic!

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    Sounds like fun, have a good time.

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    That sounds like fun! I'm going to a littles party in Tucson this coming weekend! May be the first I wear a diaper in front of another person!!

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    I actually don't live that far away from the Crayola factory but it doesn't really seem very little friendly, all of the pictures I see are kids having fun and adults stading around watching them and not participating. I haven't been there yet because I just wouldn't want to be the only person that wasn't an actual child participating in the activities.

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    it went amazing no one even cared that i was playing and most adults were playing and to top it off the lady in the cafe suggested to kids meal to me when we ate at the cafe there

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    it went great it was so much fun i recommend it 100%

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    I don't know if you're going to the one in PA but I went there when I was a teen and it was fun. I live just a bit north of Scranton.

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