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Thread: It's finally time...

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    Default It's finally time...

    Well guys I finally decided I want to buy a onesie, bottle, and pacifier.

    I'm very excited for this experience but want to be well equipped.

    I am in the US and wanted to know where you guys would reccomend acquiring premium ABDL accessories (onesie, bottle, pacifier).

    Looking forward to all the help and thank you in advance friends you have never failed me before.


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    I have got pacis from the local shop, sized 6 months to 18 months of you can 12 months pacis are better if you have a small mouth, baby bottles I can use comfortably, I actually use baby pacis and have even sucked on a newborn paci for about 2 hours! I do actually want one more my size but I am happy until I move out or get more income.

    As for onesie, bibs, sleepers etc, I have heard about "onesies down under", "baby pants", aww! So cute!", "ABDL world" I think is a thing, " rearz" to name few! I want to buy from them but I don't have the money, I can actually make my own stuff or at least learn, I have made my own onesie before but I was not the best quality like a tailor made onesie can be.

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    For pacifiers, try to get your hands on an adult-sized one. You could try baby ones, but if your mouth hurts after using it, it means it's too small.

    Bottles are subjective, since your choice on them is pretty much completely dependent on aesthetic. What matters is what nipple you get for your bottle; you'll have to buy a fast-flow nipple separately. I personally like to keep it simple; Nuk bottle with fast flow Nuk nipple. Most nipples are interchangeable with most normal sized (wide-necked) bottles.

    I'm still trying to find the right onesie. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. 83

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    The cheapest adult NUK pacifier that I'm aware of is here: It's no frills but adult-sized and will tell you if you like them and if they're worth pursuing in larger or more decorative form. do very serviceable onesies in a variety of patterns and colors. The best quality ones I've had from a store were from but there's sort of a premium on cross-border shipping.

    As for bottles, I thought the Avent ones were pretty good for actual baby bottles. If you're looking to step up, I picked up the 34 oz. one at a con ( and I've been very satisfied despite it not having an adult sized nipple. The NUK nipples were large and pretty decent but the last ones I've had are too thin to be really usable. Baby-Pants does an adult nipple as well but I don't like the look of them and haven't tried them to report:

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