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Thread: going to dentist

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    Default going to dentist

    tomorrow i really don't want to go

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    It will be ok, you will wonder what the fuss was about when you have finished, just go, they won't torture you or anything, just to be curious, is it a check up or is it a procedure you are having?

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    I have a dental checkup on Monday afternoon next week.

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    i hope they don't find any cavities tomorrow
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buhha View Post
    tomorrow i really don't want to go

    Yea I know.
    I hat to be a big brave boy. And go, I did a lot of pasifer sucking.
    And do you know what at the end they did not give me a sticker for being brave. Boo!!

    See if you can do better than me and get a sticker for going.
    And you will be ok.

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    I was terrified last time I went. So I told them.

    I quite literally leapt out of the chair when the dentist turned round with a syringe in her hand. They gave me a stress ball to squeeze and the assistant held my hand and... I was so relaxed and inwardly "regressed" that I didn't feel a thing. Phew! It was actually quite nice!

    I hope it's not as bad as you're expecting.

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    In just this year alone I have had 2 root canals, they are painful and the pain and discomforts can last for weeks... Then again I don't do being uncomfortable at all....

    For me to get in the chair, I am premedication of 2 Valium an hr before in addition t the antibiotic I have to take. Then they gas me up, topical numbing and then the shots, more gas and we are ready to roll.
    I have my headphones and phone playing relaxing music. I wear my dark sunglasses... They more they drill the louder the music goes... It gets to the point that they have to touch my hand to get my attention... My dentist seems to understand that I don't do this stuff well but want to not be in pain from cavities and do want to take care of my teeth.

    TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH!! Most dental insurance sucks because there is a maximum per year total, I think mine was 2,000 and it does not take long to blow through it. This last root canal with a crown maxed my insurance out and I was left with $560.
    Next year my flexible spending account will be increasing to cover the planned increased cost of dental visit is as I'm going to take care of a few more bad teeth .

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