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    Is it going to be ok? I used absolutely no sun cream and I have been out in peak sunlight for about 2-3 hours. I was at a funeral and had no idea that we would be outside! It sounds like I am a hyperchriac but maybe I am! I am just worried that I am going to get sun cancer or something! Any tips on getting rid of sunburn faster, I have used after sun.

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    Yep, my face I guess is now revealed!

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    Why do my pics keep appearing upside down?!

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    🙃cause you're an upside down cake.
    Sorry bout the sunburn that is ouch. I think that after sun cream will help, but just get some rest and let it heal. I don't think there'll be any long term effects, just don't make a habit of it.

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    I think I have a aloe Vera plant in the living room.

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    Vinegar works wonders, takes the burning sensation away. If too strong a smell, add to tepid bath.

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    but, the damage is done, sorry. you may end up with various moles as you age. the trick is to take care from now on. suncreams are largely a waste of money, covering-up and staying in the shade is the only 'cure'.
    from a ginger (and there's a good likelihood that you may be one too:

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    One exposure... low risk. Good that you think about it though.

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    My hair is blond and I have blue eyes, my skin usually tans or else peels. As for moles, I have hundreds on my arms already!

    My skin is starting to tan anyway!

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    Not literally hundreds but s lot! It doesn't really bother me anyway, I have always been on holidays and vacations during my childhood.

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    Your burn doesn't look too bad. I like to go snorkeling and have gotten burned so bad my skin had blisters. It was not fun. Just try to remember your sun block.

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    Aloe for sure, check with your pharmacist if hydro cortisone would be of any value now to help get rid of the red.... Vitamin E cream as well!

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    I am mostly tanned now, I am lucky I didn't peel!

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