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Thread: Being babyfur

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    Default Being babyfur

    Got me into being a dl

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    Everyone has their path... for me it was the other way. Had an overactive bladder as a little kid, would get up at night constantly, my dad yelled at me over it... so then I got into peeing in the corner of my room, so at some point he threatened me with diapers... that was what cemented it in my psyche. Didn't discover furry til much later.

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    i have yet to wear one yet

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    wow crazy story and your dad sounds like bad guy

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    no not really a bad guy, just doesn't always think about things he says

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    Its funny never in million yrs that i thought that i would want to wear diapers.

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    There are worse things then wearing diapers, at least they can be practical.

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    Been an ABDL for the last decade, didn't become a babyfur until after joining here.

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    For me, the two evolved separately. I became interested in furries in early high school and diapers mid-high school. After a while, the two started to join together.

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    Was a abdl before joining the furry fandom. Once I found out about babyfurs and cubs I felt like I found the perfect community that has both furries and abdl's
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