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Thread: Laptop not connecting to internet

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    Default Laptop not connecting to internet

    So my laptop has had a little hissy fit and won't connect to the internet, I have tried restarting the computer and the router and it finds the router ok but won't find the Internet.

    My phone connects and uses the Internet no problem, using my phone as a wireless hot spot has the same problem but it works if I connect the cord.

    Anyone know how to fix the problem?

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    not much here you're giving me to go it wireless? is it seeing the router? without more information the best I can tell you is check the connection

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    Yeah wireless router, my laptop can find and connect the router but it won't connect to Internet. My phone connects to the router and uses Internet fine but not my laptop.

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    hmmm, what type of security does the router have? Is it private or is it visible?

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    This next bits a bit hard for me as I haven't used windows in a bit, Is the laptop using the right internet profile (is it trying to connect to the router via that password), in the past I've encountered it deciding to change to a different profile on the fly. Have you tried reentering the password and router configuration via the network setup?

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    Tried resetting forgetting the connection and reentering the password but that did help, did a few things that it suggested to do when I googled it, but nothing worked.

    I did a hard reboot of the laptop, which appears to have fixed the problem... except it now means i'm running windows 8 instead of 10

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    It seems I got here a little late, the problem sounds to be your wireless Network Interface Card (NIC) devices drivers not working with your laptop, if it happens again try getting new NIC drivers.

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