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    I recently decided to purchase a very old product. Before there existed fitted disposable diapers the original design of Pampers was that of a flat fold cloth diaper.

    Now these are horrible products for use as they will gap and leak easily, but if you want the look and feel of an original diaper there is a cheap option.



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    God, I remember being in those things when I was a kid, though they were a disposable diaper you still needed plastic pants over them just like a cloth diaper because they would leak so badly. Unfortunately, by the time they came out with the hourglass shape design for diapers, I had outgrown infant diapers.

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    Heheh... I can remember, as a kid, getting ready to go on a bike ride with my parents and spotting one of these diapers at the bottom of my mom's bike bag. This would have been sometime in 1983-85, I think, so I was 7-9 years old. I pulled the diaper out, and my mom remarked that it was an old "paper diaper" (that's what she's always called disposables, for some reason) from when my sister and I were in diapers, and that she sometimes used them when we were out and about. We were otherwise diapered in cloth. My mom may have sensed that I was interested in this "paper diaper", as it was quickly taken away and never seen again.

    Separately, regarding AnalogRTO's comment about plastic pants: The first of these diapers required pins, too! Ca-razy! When my wife and I had babies in diapers, we had our fair share of leaks to clean up after, and that was just a few years back--with "modern" diapers. Can't imagine the messes those first-gen Pampers must have caused.

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    Wow that is an old design and I thought A+ were retro!

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    i think my first 'adult' dispy was of that design, as supplied by the NHS of the time. coloured green, too

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    That design was before my time, I grew up pretty much during the peak of plastic backed hourglass shaped baby diapers.

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    The depend bed pads can be crafted into a vintage pampers. Hot glue gun to create Center fold or tape. Clear or white duct tape to use as diaper tabs to put diaper on. Remember the design side is absorbent side

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