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Thread: Riding in Messy diaper?

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    Default Riding in Messy diaper?

    Does anyone here go horseback riding in messy diapers? What if you're riding and you have to poop real bad? Do you go in your didees?

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    Personally I think messing in your diaper he's such a eck guie mess to be cleaned up.

    I really don't like messing in mine. But if it happens which it does on occasions then I deal with it but I don't mess on purpus.

    I bont go horsey riding regeler but I would have a clean diaper on. Pore horsey.

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    Yeah I agree with sisi, you wouldn't want your poo to leak out onto that poor horse would you? Also this should probably be moved to Diaper Talk.

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    i will agree with the other two, i would not mess or ride messy on a horse, sounds like making a bigger mess. I would go well before you ride, so you would have time to change

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    I just don't go horse back riding. If I was riding in my car and I had to poo? I probably would If i knew my next destination was my house and my room mates weren't home to smell me as I pass by.

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    I don't ride horses but I don't think that being in a messy diaper would be fun but then again I don't like messy diapers.

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    I would like that! Especially if we were riding together. I've always wanted to go on a camping trip and being able to go anywhere but in your diaper. A pack trip would be better because it would be easier to completely get away from public lol

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    I've been itching to ride a horse. My best friend has several that I can ride for free but I wouldn't mess just pee.

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