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Thread: Is being consistently leak free limited to people who are not overweight?

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    Default Is being consistently leak free limited to people who are not overweight?

    I'm male, 5'7, and about 225 pounds for reference. I'm using either large or extra large bambino bellisimos, depending on which one I feel more confident with at the time.

    By 'leak free' I'm hoping for the following:

    - that the diaper should hold the first wetting without leaking, assuming its completely dry before hand and that one is standing up, regardless of how much that first wetting is. I don't flood on purpose, but I can't wear all the time every day so I sometimes have to wait a while to get some private time to use a diaper.
    - That the diaper can be wet at least 2-3 times in total, assuming at most 1 is a huge wetting.

    Some people around me insist that I need to lose weight to not leak anymore. However dieting is VERY HARD for me since I rely on food as a comfort more then anything else.

    I recently had a few weeks where I wore diapers occasionally, followed by 1 week where I got to wear all day for 4 of the 7 days. That whole time I didn't have any issues not counting leaking since my diaper was too wet already since I was still experimenting with total capacity.

    Then the next day, just when I thought my leak issues were finally over I leaked during a first wetting, I wonder if I'll ever solve this...

    P.S. In the past I've purposefully let my bladder fill up a lot and wet a diaper to see if its possible for it to hold everything, since I figured that if it can hold a huge wetting, it can hold something smaller too. I've succeeded with that a few times but its not much of a confidence booster.

    edit: In addition to that, I'm wondering if an occasional leak is simply human error? Meaning that I shouldn't worry about as much as I do? As is it feels like I need to reset some aspects of my comfort level each time I leak, and that's not very comforting each time it happens
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    Try not to wait until you are bursting 1. Your kidneys and bladder were be strained and you may have a painful infection or injury, try explaining that in A and E!

    2. Your bladder will grow and hold more pee than before.

    3. Try to pee when you first need to go or else later on you will more pee to pee out.

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    I'm 6'2''. I was c. 240 lb, now I'm c. 220 lb. I've found that getting a good fit is getting easier, so yes, unfortunately, I would say that body shape probably has something to do with it.

    I am 24/7 and IC and I do leak occasionally, as I've said in your other thread, even though I get a lot of practice in self-diapering. I don't think it's anything to be worried about. Just wear dark pants.

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    I'm a chubster myself at 5'6" and 240lbs. Been making big strides towards weight loss though and have lost 18lbs so far.

    An idea you could try is stuffing your diaper with a smaller baby diaper or incontinence pad to increase the amount it'll hold.

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    the weight loss really does help but realistically you may also want to look at suplementing the diaper (tena overnight, goodnight tru-fit, a booster pad some sort) in it, they can really help

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    I'm 6'3" 350lbs and I use Abena AbriForm L4s and they're reliable as any I've found. I almost never leak, and when I do it's generally my own fault for staying in it too long. I would make sure to work on the fit of your diaper as that can make a huge difference, and the aforementioned booster suggestions are good ones as well, I always wear one to bed and if I'm going to be out drinking or in the same diaper for a long period of time.

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    I'm 6'1" and 190lbs. I wear medium sized diapers and leaks don't happen often. I'd definitely say that weight/body shape is a factor. Try some goodnites trufit inserts. Another thing is that it sound like you're not putting the diaper on properly or have too big of a size.

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    Default It happens, but its not the end of the world....

    Quote Originally Posted by hex000f View Post

    Some people around me insist that I need to lose weight to not leak anymore. However dieting is VERY HARD for me since I rely on food as a comfort more then anything else.
    We're in the same boat. I am a larger person, and wear 24/7 for non medical reasons. I occasionally leak as well. The thing I have found that contributes to leaking is where the weight is distributed on the body. There are some people who have a lot of cellulite on the inner thigh, where the diaper passes through. Since a large part of the absorbent material is in the back of the diaper, the wetness needs to pass through the middle of the diaper to get there. For males, If it cant pass through due to being obstructed by big thighs, you will leak in the front. If you are leaking in the butt area, it means either the diaper is at capacity or there is a diaper fit issue.

    To combat this, I occasionally use Abena Abri-Let Maxi boosters. They make the diaper fit more snugly, and help distribute wetness to the back of the diaper.

    I know what you mean about eating for comfort. I do as well. Depression sucks!

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    There's a lot of factors that could lead to leaking. You haven't specified much to help correct it. I'm also overweight, I don't have issues with leaking unless I'm wearing a cheap diaper.

    Over time, in my experience with diapers, I've learned from trial and error mixed with reading advice.

    First thing to mention would be, you could be using the wrong sized diaper. Your diaper could be too large or too small. A mixture of this and a bad taping strategy will create gaps near the back of the legs. You could be taping the bottom tapes too tightly. You may think getting the tightest fit possible is making it leak proof. You're actually making a gap.

    Your choice of diaper could play a factor.

    The main factor for leaking is flooding itself. If you're typically voiding a large amount of urine, you will almost always leak. I'm pretty sure that you're voiding while sitting as well. Gravity plays a huge roll in the function of a diaper. Liquids will always flow through to the least amount of resistance. When you void, you immediately soak the front of the diaper. The SAP takes a bit longer to absorb. After the first bit of urine is released, the front guides the urine to the lowest point of gravity, until it hits another point of resistance, usually where your weight meets the seat. It will begin to pool up and when it breaches, the leak guards and leg gatherers, you will leak.

    I'm sure you enjoy the urgent need to go and like feeling like you had an accident, but if you want any diaper to be better functionally, you will have to compromise your flooding ways.

    Instead of releasing your full bladder, control your release in to short squirts. You have to slow your flow for your diaper to work. You can make the worst of diapers work better by controlling yourself.

    Stop waiting until you're about to burst. As a truck driver, I've had a really large capacity bladder. I could easily full a 1 liter bottle. When I would wear diapers while driving, I would hold it for awhile until I was full and ready to burst and would leak pretty often. I learned to void in short streams. I also decreased the size of my bladder by going more often rather than hold it in. The lower amount of liquid you release, the less likely you are to leak, AND there will be more of a usable capacity.

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    Truthfully, I'm on the smaller end of just barely fitting into the size Medium bambinos... As I eat godawful, but have been on competitive swim teams pretty much non-stop since I was very little. I've found that my body type (lanky/fairly skinny) actually seems to cause leaks just as much, partly because I wear diapers 99% of the time when I'm asleep in bed...and almost exclusively sleep facing down.

    Unless I tape diapers on RIDICULOUSLY tight across the waist, I've always had the occasional problem with leaks out of the top, no matter what.

    I've found that the selections of true size 'Small' diapers out there is fairly limited, so i'm mostly stuck with being content with the smaller sized Mediums, such as bambino. But leaks are certainty a reality, as far as that goes.

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