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Thread: What type of diapers should I wear?

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    Default What type of diapers should I wear?

    So as of now I'm out of diapers, which I think is just kind of ridiculous seeing as I wear them every day. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow when I walk around in just regular underwear. I'll see what happens, but listen, I know you guys know the best types of diapers.

    I'm a waste 32, and I'm not too big but small ones don't fit me, I need a size that would fit an average 16 year old, doesn't leak, and obviously looks nice and cute around a little.

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    I will always stand by Abena 3s and anything in the ABU Space line - including Simple.

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    Gee definitely anything in medium from ABU. I love the Simple and the SDKv2s.

    I can't recommend any medical diapers anymore unless you can get yourself some Kolibri Comslips with the white plastic backing.

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    being incontinent and running out of (and not getting more) diapers doesn't sound like a good thing?

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