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Thread: To onesie or not to onesie, that is the question...

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    Default To onesie or not to onesie, that is the question...

    Hi there. I've been a lurker for some time now, I suppose due to my own insecurities with this newly "accepted" fetish, and due to just being socially awkward. (Which, due to all of the aforementioned lurking, I'm coming to realize is not a unique trait here.) In any case, I have a question I'd like to pose, and I'm sorry if it's been answered:

    Do you prefer to wear 'bottoms,' or go bare when padded? Of course by bottoms I mean either plastic pants, underwear of some sort, or a onesie over your diaper. (I'm currently stocked up on a Bambino variety pack, and I don't honestly like cloth—as a point of reference.)

    I ask mostly because I'm struggling with whether I'm an AB or just a DL. I know from other threads there has been extensive discussion on that, so we don't have to discuss that too much. But I would like to get your thoughts on this specific topic.

    Personally, wearing a onesie makes me feel very little and babyish. Being snapped in one makes me feel snug and secure. But, there is something about wearing one that also takes away from the diaper—the crinkles, the feel of the plastic, my ability to see it—that's off putting.

    Perhaps this has been asked. In any case, thank you for your time. And for your (unbeknownst to you) support and understanding.


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    The question whether you like to go barediaper or onesie is not relevant for question whether you're ab or dl. It's true that many ABs like onesies but so do many DLs. I think being AB comes more to the baby mindset and/or liking pacifiers etc.

    To answer your original question - I personally go wearing only diaper, I would love to try onesie so my diaper would hug my body better but so far I've not had chance of buying one and even after buying I think I'd go diaper-only most of the time

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    For me, it depends on my mood, which can range from "absolute baby" to "just feel like being padded". I haven't worn any of my onesies in a while, but I usually like to wear footed pajamas when in my baby mood, and just regular pajamas/clothes over my diaper if I just want to be padded, unless it's really hot in my room, in which case I will sport just a t-shirt and diaper.

    As far as your onesie predicament is concerned, that's pretty much the trade-off... Now I'm wondering if double-diapering will remedy this (probably not). Once the onesie mood hits me again, that'll be a new thing for me to try.

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    If you're over any concerns about something being babyish, then it's just a matter of preference. Sometimes, onesies are super practical and nothing more, keeping your diaper concealed and avoiding droopiness. Sometimes, they're part of a babyish experience and it's a question of whether it's better with just a T-shirt and diaper or a onesie for a big baby. The important part is deciding what you want at that particular time and having the right accessories to facilitate that.

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    I prefer plastic pants (to block smell and leaks) AND a onesie (to support the diaper and let me move freely without worrying about showing off).

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    When I'm at home either inside or outside I'm just in a diaper that I wear shorts over. I usually try to remain pants less as long as possible.
    If I'm going into a public setting I use a onesie because it helps hide my diaper

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    I kind of want to get one but have been lazy about synching my money on one.

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    I wear underwear over my diaper most of the time, even at home. Unless I am just getting out of bed and not really dressed yet, I will just put on pants over the diaper if I need to go outside for any reason. I have not tried a onesie, but I feel like it would be beneficial, especially at work. The only downside, I guess, would be the extra work to get the diaper off if I am trying to make it to the toilet. With only seconds to act, fiddling with clasps or buttons would just make it a waste of time to run to the toilet. I am IC, but that does not mean I won't take the chance to use the toilet if I get a warning. Plus, it may get hot under the onesie. Idk, it offers added protection from a diaper peeking out of my waistband, but it is impractical, I suppose. I will just stick to underwear over the diaper, I think. That and tucked-in undershirts helps.

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    Default onesies

    This is the kind of thin smooth singlet which works best over adult diapers.Click image for larger version. 

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    I have been searching through 'onesies' but I am looking for something I can wear over my plastic underpants (which I wear over my training underpants) but I would like to wear just that and my jeans. I am not really interested in the baby factor but the security of the snaps in the crotch intrigue me.

    I saw a site that was looking to get into a golf-shirt onesie that would have been great to order but the company never got off the ground. Still looking though....

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