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Thread: How to get over the fear of messing diapers

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    Default How to get over the fear of messing diapers

    I am not sure if this post is appropriate and I would hate to get kicked off adisc for this but I am wanting to mess my diaper more often.

    I am not sure how to get over the fear of doing it as I live with my dad and brother but I guess I can get rid of the messy diaper quickly and descretly.

    What tips would you give me on learning how to, being discrete or smell control in my bedroom?

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    Its really just a matter of letting go, for discreetness you'll want to use some plastic pants and nullo or some other type of chlorophyll internal deodorant option, also I recomend febreeze odor effects and scented candles. If you can you will want to dump out the messy contents of the diaper into a toilet as this will help the odor alot, also scented trash bags, and you will want to put used diapers in the trash bag in other bags that you keep tied inside the main trash bag
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    I am not staying in a messed diaper rennecfox, I just like the idea of messing but seriously, I am going to be in trouble with the mods?

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    Again not saying that anyway(with messy diapers theres an immediate smell issue thus why I said the plastic pants and nullo, that will also help with the clean up, also I added a few more tips for the clean up you may want to glance at), these are tips for odor minimization, also I think there are plenty more gross topics in this forum then this post

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    Dont see how this would be against rules, I thought there was only ruling for selfharm and graphic content, that could be applied in this matter, which neither I see in this post. As long as we don't go there it should be fine.

    In topic, I think the fear is quite easy to overcome. You can start off by messing in bathroom, where the smell of poop is not uncommon. As long as you keep your room ventilated and don't touch furniture eith messy diaper it should be fine. Keep in mind however that while you don't always smell it others will.

    I would recommend against doing it when others are home or coming home that day but if you want to try, remember to change fast, keep away from others and furniture and you should be fine

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    I already open my window for about half an hour every morning, so would it work for messing when I have done it, also I have febreeze air freshener which smells nice and I always would be able to sneak a messy diaper out by going for a walk which I do anyway and tossing it in the outside trash in a trash bag under some other trash.

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    I would just not sweat it too much. I feel comfortable doing it in diapers just about anywhere I go.

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    In a confined space, ie. bedroom, house, etc., there are not too many ways to mitigate smells. Just consider how it is in your bathroom, when someone takes a poo. Magnify through the house, and you get an idea what you're up against. If you want to be discovered, then by all means....

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    What you mean houses with no windows!? Smells don't trap you know. Do they?

    Also you get rid of the poo by getting rid of the nappy straight away and open a window so there is no evidence as to say that anybody has pooed, air freshener can mask but not perfectly so it's best to ventilate for a good half hour, does your bedroom have no windows or something?

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    I think you're fine if you're getting rid of it as soon as possible. I think if you're in a situation where you live at home with parents and siblings your best option is to always plan ahead. Plan your pooping for times when you know you'll be at home alone...and have a high certainty that no one who is out of the house is going to make a surprise "early return home". Always have an emergency clean up a quick run to the bathroom to get behind a locked door. Keep garbage bags on hand for hiding the used diaper right away. keep wipes on hand to be able to do a quick emergency clean up if someone shows up unexpectedly. Planning ahead will allow you to relax and enjoy the experience. And no, I don't think you'll get in trouble with this post, messing and the best ways to deal with it is a common topic here.

    Good Luck.


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