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Thread: Tips to buying diaper

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    Default Tips to buying diaper

    Hey folks! So I'm about to buy diapers from shoppers drug mart tomorrow, and I was hoping for some tips. This is my first time buying from a store so I would love some reassurance.

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    your best bet is medical supply places they are familliar with incontinence people and won't look at you funny for buying them also they can order some normal pharmacies can't

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    MaxToddler pretty much summed it up. Only thing I'd change (no pun intended :P) Is the part where locks are mentioned. Unless you have place that has been locked in past already the locks tend to call for unwanted attention. You WILL be questioned about contents of newly locked container and unless you can provide good explanation people will almost always assume worst (drugs etc.) and keep on it until you reveal contents (ugh...). If you have guncase etc, that has always been locked by all means, stash there but don't lock place just for diapers - Locks scream "Hello, I'm hiding something secret inside"

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    I've bought diapers from nearby stores a few times now, and there's not much to it. Especially if they have a self checkout section. Just grab your faves, scan them, and walk out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoccerLover View Post
    Hey folks! So I'm about to buy diapers from shoppers drug mart tomorrow, and I was hoping for some tips. This is my first time buying from a store so I would love some reassurance.
    I bought a large black plastic bin and put my essential oil diffuser on top of it along with a box of tissues. Inside that is my whole stash and supplies. Diapers, wipes, baby powder. No one has ever looked in it or questioned me about it. I have my own room while my daughter is away at college or living with friends. I also keep my cell phone charging on top of it. It looks more like a table the way I use it than what it really is . A diaper stash! Try to buy ABDL diapers online. They are much more satisfying. and carries several ABDL diaper brands. Bambino diapers is always free shipping in the U.S. Peace and may the force and diapers be with you!

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    AHH I honestly love this community and everyone in it so much. Thank you guys! I'm ready!

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    When in line, very quietly (so no one hears you) hum a bit. When i first started buying diapers, i would be so scared by the time i got to the clerk, my voice would crack. you can avoid this by softly humming, it will keep your vocal chords from clamping up.

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    -Don't just grab the first package you see and hurry to the register. Take a minute to make sure you got the right ones. Or look at diapers online before going in person to make sure you know exactly what you want. It would suck to go through all that, get home and find you bought the wrong kind or size.
    This tip I can support from personal experience when I was much younger. I went to a 24hr drug store very early in the morning so that no one else was there. I accidentally grabbed the wrong size and didn't realize it until I was halfway home. I had to go back and return them to get the right size.

    I was very mortified at the time. The simple, scan-pay-leave became a forced conversation of why you are returning, then having to go back and get the right package, then check out a second time. Believe me, it's much easier to just get right the first time!!

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